US Coast Guard 50 GT (min 6 Pack) certified freelance captains needed to operate Beneteau 461 and Beneteau 42 - check CAREERS before applying 

snorkel sailing tours miami

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IT IS ALWAYS A GREAT DAY TO COME SAILING WITH US - refreshing breeze under sail with a fun swim stop - will make a memorable and enjoyable day  

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  • We specialize in fully customized PRIVATE day charter cruise services 

with particular focus on ultimate service

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NEW LOCATION - Miami Coconut Grove 

  • You are choosing us because QUALITY - professional service   - reliability - safety -  ULTIMATE OUTCOME is important to you and to us

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-  ART of SAILING - with -

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  • Our offer changes - therefore please send us an email requesting  current packages, specifying : exact date/ dates , number of guests and inclusions you are interested in 
  • We offer both premium and more standardized packages - so pls let us know right away which option you are looking for - the least expansive or premium service 
  • the most expensive package is private dining sail - requiring lots of preparations - this is not a budget dinner cruise - but the most luxury package in our offer - for a special occasion and clients not on a tight budget - one in a lifetime experience 

<<<<<< >>>>>> 

  • You do not have to have any prior experience as crew can handle all 
  • Sailors are always welcome and people interested in taking the helm or learn as much as they want 
  • sailing classes are also available (40 feet fleet)

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Beneteau Miami


  • available for hire for private groups only 
  • no shared / public boat rides are available on sailing yachts  
  • 2 vessels in permanent fleet available with prior reservation and upon crew availability ( therefore reserve early) 
  • having 2 vessels - the only company in Miami -  we can guarantee boat replacement if one vessel malfunctions or have last minute repair (if not booked)  
  • last minute call - only one captain available / 1 boat 
  • all vessels are kept to the highest standard, cleaned before each sail and maintained - kept in marina slips ( not anchored out)

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Beneteau sailing Miami


Luxury fleet - 47 ft Beneteau Oceanis @ Miami Coconut Grove - prime location

  • "Wind Runner" caters to customers expecting quality services of the highest  VALUE 
  • our premium fleet 
  • available for both premium and standard day sails 
  • vessel used for our premium dining sail 
  • MORE PICTURES of "Wind Runner" - see all PICTURES
  • overnight sails for 4 - may be available from November 2019 

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42 feet - Beneteau Oceanis - center cockpit @ Miami Coconut Grove 

  • “Vogue"  joined our fleet in May June 2019 
  • and is fun addition to our fleet with super relaxing aft deck and bean chairs
  • currently offered for standard sail 
  • dining sails for 2 may be available form November 2019
  • overnight sails for 2 - may be available from September 2019 

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more vessels available - not listed as they are not permanently offered for charter 

Beneteau Miami Bay Sailing

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Our motto - "Treat others the way you would like to be treated as a customer. Offer MORE what promised”

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or our PREMIUM package -  private dining sail ?

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Romantic dinner cruise Miami

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More on a budget ?

  • We can also offer less expensive more standardized options (private tours) upon request - most  from  Miami Coconut Grove
  • Please specify your preferences

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  • true sailing with sails open
  • BEST CREW guaranteed !!!!
  • reliability and PROFESSIONALISM
  • we deliver MORE what promised (never less)
  • just tell us what you are looking for - as every request is handled individually
  • if motor-sailing is your preference - fine with us 
  • Follow OUR RAVE REVIEWS on Trip Advisor - we are famous for 

"5 star service”

The Crew Makes Your Day in the end

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  • you deal with us (owners) directly (no brokers involved  ) no SCAM
  • each boat is maintained with devotion and always cleaned prior to charter 
  • you have all details CLEAR before booking + real pictures of the boat

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Miami has a lot to offer - and sailing is a unique boating activity you can enjoy whole year around - only here in South Florida  

 (including swimming in 75-85 F as 25-30 C Atlantic waters) 

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Biscayne Bay Miami Sailing

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  Sail Away for a Day with us - and good memories will stay with you forever - thanks to our exceptional services.

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We guarantee you THE BEST VALUE with respect to our services

reliability - professionalism - courtesy - and friendly attitude 

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MORE PICTURES of "Wind Runner" - see all PICTURES



Watch out for numerous internet cheap spam offers as you may be surprised by their reliability, quality ( both crew and boat) and safety. There is a proven saying "you get what you paid for

Private charters are not equivalent price-wise to public tours as private yachts are elegant quality vessels - not tour boats

Entrust a family operation whose reputation has been proven since 2000

Your choice supports a local business and captains for whom sailing is their livelihood

We do SAIL - we open sails and offer you true SAILING

>> whoever you book - make sure they open sails ( you may be surprised with a ride under motor only)

Our sailboats - we are not brokers (click on hyperlinks) 

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best sailing yacht in Miami

Miami Sailing specializes in fully customized PRIVATE sails in Miami and Miami Beach -  offering Biscayne Bay and OCEAN sailing.  More standardized and cheaper options are also available upon request ( all charters are private)

We take care of each request individually - Agata - answering our phone # 786-423-3131  and e-mails ( ) is fully dedicated (full time) to providing you with the highest level of services and thorough attention to details. 

Our excellent reputation has been earned through many years (since 2001) of providing our guests with an ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE. Please follow OUR RAVE REVIEWS

Our priority is to put smile on your face and have a good time. We want to exceed your expectations and never under deliver. Quite opposite indeed -we’d rather surprise you in a positive way rather than promise you things and "under deliver".

We have started our family operation so we can offer services and treat our guests as we would like to be treated as guests:  with respect, professionalism , reliability, and fun

Miami Yacht Party Rental

Unlike many others, we don’t promise things we do not deliver. We do not lure with fake extras and later make excuses. All reservations are in writing and you know what you will get (any extra is on us). There is no fake fotos, no photoshop “beautifications” of our boats nor crew. We have very few fotos on line of our guests as we respect your privacy.

This is very important that you are talking to us directly - not through anonymous internet listing agent nor broker promising you boats they don’t own nor have ever seen and obviously not delivering what promised. We always deliver more what we promise.  

Bachelorette boat trip Miami

We are a professional operation dedicated to QUALITY. We always make sure our guests have GREAT TIME and SAFE TIME on the water .

We offer RELIABLE services that you can ALWAYS count on - as we own two boats - so in case of one boat is in repair we often can replace it with our second one (if not booked)

Most of our charters are day sails: half day or full day, morning or an afternoon/sunset. Some vessels can also offer night sailing (e.g. full moon night) and fine dining under sail.

Bring your camera and crew member will take pictures for you or we can use our gear. 

We can also organize trips on other type of boats, including fishing yacht charters, if this is your preference.

We don’t recommend anything shorter than 4 hrs ( 1/2 day) if you want to enjoy TRUE SAILING (not under motor “sailboat ride”), however short rides may be offered upon customer request.

Our crew are professional individuals - who have been carefully selected based on their experience, personal etiquette and enough energy to offer you full sailing experience with SAILS OPEN ( not just under motor - as most other operators do) - as quality of charter service is 100% THE BEST CREW

Premium and fully custmized services are offered on flagship yacht  "Wind Runner” - currently in Miami Beach Marina (SoBe)

More standardized tours (more economical) on other sailboats from Marina on Biscayne Bay (Coconut Grove)



 PRIVATE  SAILS   ONLY  with prior reservation - 

  • Please contact us for current rates directly
  • We do not post flat rates on line as all our private sails are fully customized  and catered to individual requests / rate depends on yacht and services requested 
  • Please specify what kind of services you are interested : basic as sailboat rides, premium quality charters  / or high - end sailng yachts, specifying exact date and time
  • Contact us  - CALL US  : (786) 423 3131
  • Best / Preferred  - by e-mail for thorough details  (preferred):
  • Read about Our Rates
  • We truly appreciate advanced reservations so crew can plan accordingly, get to yacht on time and thoroughly prepare it for your sail
  • This operation is dedicated to providing you with an ultimate service and quality professional crew - however both are difficult to arrange at a too last minute notice - so PLEASE book EARLY


If you are looking for:

  • Basic / least expensive options - please specify right away / preferably specifying total budget - so we don’t overwhelm you with more expensive / premium options - we do not offer public tours - we deal with one private group only - see Lancer "Como Tu"  
  • Premium yachts - see Beneteau 461 "Wind Runner" 
  • HIGH -END services - see our luxury yacht fleet - not on a budget option - see Leopard 4600 and Beneteau 461
  • Half day and full day private sailing tours
  • Special occasions
  • Romantic Engagement under sail - Marriage Proposals 
  • Intimate small weddings under sail - or after wedding cruise (up to 12)
  • Sailing enthusiasts - Bay and/or blue water ocean sailing
  • Daytime and Miami by Night  navigation
  • Romantic Sunset Cruises
  • Private dining under sail -> engagement or anniversary dinner sail
  • Family reunions under sail - up to 12 participants
  • Bachelorette Cruise and Bachelor Party under sail
  • professional CORPORATE events under sail (business meetings, receptions, gatherings, incentive trips, holiday sailing events) - up to 6- 12 participants per boat
  • CORPORATE recreational sailing regattas - and team building events - 6 persons per boat
  • quality CORPORATE events - up to 12 
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES - Our Private Charters are perfect gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas and more



  • 42 ft - Beneteau 42 cc - premium sailboat -  -  from Miami Coconut Grove  - max 8 ppl - vast majority of our guests are couples 
  • 47 feet Beneteau 461 * - "Wind Runner” -  luxury option * -  from Miami Coconut Grove  - max 10-12 ppl - vast majority of our guests are couples 
  • 46 feet Leopard 4600  *-  luxury option* - comfortable for at least 12 - day sail (legal requirement no more than 12 guests) * 6  pax overnight (4 cabins) - from Key Biscayne - can be relocated to Miami Coconut Grove marina for pick up ( docking fees apply) 

  • HIGH END fleet and premium services - “not on a budget"
  • rental based on bareboat rental agreement / crew hired under separate agreement - upon choice and availability -  max group 12 guests ( unless specified 

Sail Boat Rental Charter Miami Florida copy

Our yachts are well cared private vessels that are offered for day charters to private groups only. We make sure each yacht is thoroughly prepared for you - ALWAYS CLEAN - and professional crew welcomes you with a smile.

Our boats SMELL NICE  - because  we make sure air is always well ventilated plus a few more tricks - you will not experience typical BOAT SMELL and mess.

All yachts are taken care of - kept in conveniently located MARINAS - not at anchor/ mooring. Please see our docking slips - as each yacht has different LOCATION.

We have premium options from SOUTH BEACH - and mainland marinas ( cheaper) e.g. Coconut Grove 25-30 mins away by car from SoBe.

Our vessels are sailing yachts and due to size they also have motor. However we make sure SAILS are OPEN as fast as we can. Our crew is energetic and young enough to provide you with full sailing experience UNDER SAIL - not motor only.

We are professional operation - fully dedicated to offer you customized service and attention to details. Pls see - our REVIEWS - of hundreds of guests that entrusted us to provide them with the BEST EXPERIENCE in MIAMI


Miami Sailing staff is devoted to providing you with an ultimate service aboard our yachts.

We are a family run operation specializing in QUALITY recreational type PRIVATE day sails on Biscayne Bay or Atlantic Oceanromantic sunset cruises or private dinner aboard sailing yachts.  

Miami Sailing operates private sailboat charters in Miami - Florida since 2001

Initially, we started sailing as a side activity from our regular jobs on "Como Tu” - our beloved mothership Lancer 40 - and slowly developed it to full time career - as only this way we could be fully dedicated to providing our guests with reliability of service, individual approach, dedication to details and ultimate service.

Since one boat in fleet is neither reliable nor covers expenses of costly repairs/maintenance nor crew living expenses - we decided to take risks and expand to second vessel - "Wind Runner” joined us in 2013 - and started working with other luxury vessels owned by responsible owners that take care of their vessels.

All our vessels are beautiful, always clean and very well kept - each of them offers different features due to vessel size and design.   Please let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver.

ocean sailing Miami Beach


All our captains are professionals - licensed by USA Coast Guard,  selectively chosen from the best - for their experience, professionalism, high personal etiquette and  full understanding of  quality service.   They are middle aged individuals (for your safety not too old) - for whom sailing is a career and love of their life -  and beside extensive sailing experience - they are strong and physically capable of single handling vessels under sail (not motor only). Safety is a major concern of ours - and each charter group is thoroughly informed before accepting any booking. 

We are the only company in Miami that offers reliable and professional services - by most professional, young and experienced captains and full attention to details .



Our premium location in Miami Beach Marina (SOUTH BEACH) is without doubts - the best location in Miami, offering easy access to the ocean or calm Biscayne Bay (we are pretty much the only ones that can offer ocean sailing on half day sails).

Departing from South Beach offers unique views of whole Downtown Miami while sailing into Biscayne Bay or the OCEAN. We do not offer just bay sailing - it is much more than that - and for Miami Beach visitors - we are steps away from your hotel. No need to spend $xx on taxi and relocation time. 

Unique views of private Fisher Island, one time opportunity of seeing Miami Harbor (big cargo ships and cranes) or Biggest Cruiseship Port (possible on the way back), sailing by secluded Virginia Key with spectacular views of whole Downtown Miami - into Biscayne Bay - will stay in your memories for ever.

We offer a unique sailing from/to Miami Beach or Downtown Miami with remarkable views of the city by night.

Other sailboats are located in different parts of Miami e.g. Coconut Grove - see locations 

Sailors know that even a  full day is not enough to experience true sailing- but most of our visitors due to time - choose a half day - which we recommend for non sailors. 

Pls don’t expect quality sailing experience if an older couple suggests you a 2 h ride - as on a sailboat it means leaving marina under motor - motoring the channel - one round under motor -  and return to slip. It may be the cheapest - but for sure NOT THE BEST VALUE you deserve.

It is like seeing Paris from the airport terminal during flight transfer :-)


We specialize in SPECIAL OCCASIONS aboard our yachts - we have hosted many memorable engagements, weddings / anniversaries, birthdays, and business meetings. 

We are also happy to organize corporate events, including CORPORATE business receptions (max 12 guests) and team building regattas (6 participants/per boat).

We can spoil you on the most luxury sailing yachts in Miami (up to 57 ft) e.g. BENETEAU 57, luxury BENETEAU Oceanis 461 (47ft Wind Runner - see above)  comfortable mother vessel - LANCER 42' (Como Tu - see below).  

Please let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver.

We specialize in QUALITY SERVICES with EUROPEAN HOSPITALITY.  Our charters can be fully crewed (professional and courteous captain and mate / cheff/ mate etc ). 

We can also provide you with premium catering or premium dining under sail for a very special occasion.

We cater to private groups up to 6 and up to 12 (per boat) on larger vessels.

charter Beneteau Miami

Miami Sailing offers more for your money than most other charter companies in South Florida. Our priority is an ultimate service and great time with a very friendly crew. . Our coast guard licensed captains and crew are the best in the business and they‘ll ensure your safety and entertainment on the water. Our cooler is always full with cold beverages, already included in the price. Our prices already include fuel and crew fees. And we’re pet friendly so you’re welcome to bring your little puppy on board, too. You can also bring your Ipod Iphone and enjoy smooth sailing with your favorite tunes. 

boat-tours-miami beach


While researching sailing operators - keep always in mind - that in order to make BEST decision - the price tag shall not be your main indicator - as the saying says - “you get what you paid for” in the end . 

Make sure you are not fooled with PERFECT catalogue pictures and shiny marketing materials - as they may be further from reality than you could imagine.  Ask for real images ;-)

All pictures on our website are real - without editing tricks.

Don’t be fooled that advertising the NEWEST boat (was it the newest when the website was made, when ? ) is  therefore BEST - as the age of the sailing vessel and your charter  experience, has nothing to do with you final satisfaction. 

You can have the best time of your life on a classic boat from 1940s - as long as the vessel is taken care of and CLEAN - by devoted and passionate owner. 

Some classic yachts  are like WINE especially if cared by a devoted owner  - and offer luxury experience on a comfortable  ELEGANT classy vessel. Quality of most stadarized new “modern” vessels is far below the vessels that were made before 90s (in most cases - excluding of course world famous million dollar + yachts e.g. Oester etc). Why ? Cost effectiveness ….to cater to  middle class. And most owners know it - therefore they keep good boats - see % of value depreciation of new “modern” vessels to well known classics from 90s :-) - there is a reason why they keep the value and don’t loose 50% in first 5 yrs :)

Before,  the yachts of 40 feet plus were built with quality for the people who could afford it - and expecting highest quality - without cutting corners. Today casual market tempts with lower prices - compromising quality tremendously.

However in any service, and especially charter  - the most important factor is a HUMAN factor - as in the end you will remember WHO you sailed with 

Was the captain/crew professional? courteous? entertaining? or your skipper was a “ driver" that wanted to have it done asap …and you had nothing to talk about …. Is he “young” and strong enough to fully perform and open sails ( yes - it is very much physically demanding job and need full attention) … . Did he open sails or was under motor only for his convenience ?

Miami has it all - just make your research and be careful with “product - placement’ articles, literally advertising one particular boat / location for the convenience of the author = that boat owner :-)

 Our priority is to put smile on your face and have a good time. We want to exceed your expectations and never under deliver. Quite opposite indeed -we’d rather surprise you in a positive way rather than promise you things and "under deliver".

We have started our family operation so we can offer services and treat our guests as we would like to be treated as guests:  with respect, professional, reliable, fun. 

Unlike others we don’t promise things we do not deliver. We do not lure with fake extras and later make excuses. All reservations are in writing and you know what you get. There is no fake fotos, no photoshop “beautifications” of our boats nor the crew.

Bring your camera and crew member will take pictures for you or we can use our gear. Please do not be fooled by ads of free professional photography is included - as of what we know - nobody will offer you truly professional services for free ( if they are really good) as such services require 2 assistants to hold reflectors and modifiers (screens) to create/control light, more sophisitcated equipment ( not just DSLR/s NIKON or CANON that almost every body has nowadays) That does not make you a professional …. There is much more to that. We love photography but we don’t call ourselves pros just because we have a DSLR Nikon or Canon (nowadays everybody calls themselves pro :-)

For truly professional services - you may hire photographer and invite him aboard. Research well, as most “prof” in Miami may be a person with DSLR and silly skills behind 

Good Photography is an ART for which you need a good eye and tech skills (science) as well.

Timing - Most sailors know that even a full day is not enough to enjoy true sailing trip - but due to time - half day ( 4 hrs ) is our most popular charter.

We don’t recommend anything shorter than 4 hrs - as honestly 2 h ride ( offered by many older retired captains) means  leaving marina - motor and back in slip. 

Each marina (in Miami) = no exceptions , have access channel that can be 10-20 -30 min long - before you can open sail, based on wind direction of course  - so calculating entry and docking part - you know your answer what 2 hrs on sailboat is a ride from any location.

For some captains - due to their age - it is more convenient - as it is the easiest trip and does not even require opening sails …. just motoring … and for them least effort and most money earned by doing 2-4 a day short riders under motor.

For sure this is not BEST value you were hoping for ...

The decision is yours ! 

Come and see for yourself ! 

  It' s your boat for the day, YOU are in charge !

Come sailing with Miami Sailing and we‘ll make sure you‘ll have a pleasant experience on your visit to Miami. We want to make you feel relaxed so when back in port, you’ll feel like a new born person.

luxury sailboat for charter Miami


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Thank you for visiting!   We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. 
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