Exclusively Private DINNER or LUNCH cruise for 2 (4)(6)

DInner Boat Miami


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—> Non Catered day/night sails are also  available

Dear Customer - please read before calling

We specialize exclusively in QUALITY  PRIVATE  charters on sailing yachts with unique min. half day itinerary into Biscayne Bay.

Private outing can be catered ( see private Dinner Cruise below ) on Beneteau 461 or Leopard 46

or non-catered (or self catered) as day and sunset/night sails ( see ->Day Sails)

Our private dining sails are our most premium packages - requiring a lot of extra preparations by the crew - none of dining sails is a simple trip.

We do not operate group sails  - nor public buffet style dinner cruises. However if if you are looking for public cruise - check RiverBoat Public cruise in Fort Lauderdale - offering cheap buffet style 1 h trip in river canals of Fort Lauderdale or Miami Bayside for public boat tours.

Miami Beach Sailing

Our private cruise is exclusively for one group - mostly 2 people, but we can cater with full dinner for max 4 (Beneteau 461) and 12 (Leopard 4600) — > with QUALITY menu and HEALTHY ingredients and FRESHLY prepared dishes aboard.

Each vessel with different cheff mate offers different food choices.

HEALTHY  lifestyle and QUALITY food is important to us and for majority of our clients who choose us. We use only premium ingredients - we try to be ORGANIC when possible*, we are also open to gluten-free foods (quinoa, millet etc) or vegetarian dishes.  We don't buy the cheapest, low quality ingredients - for our guest we offer the BEST and healthy products *. 

*“Wind Runner” - We do not use toxic teflon, nor aluminum nor plastic dishes for cooking nor storing nor serving -  only stainless steel or casted iron or glass.  We use healthy oils such as organic COCONUT OIL, organic BUTTER, and per request olive oil. 

Leopard 4600 can comfortably cater to 6-12 person group ( different menu applies - please request)


Private dining can be offered on

- luxury Beneteau 461 - Miami - premium dinner up to 4 / catering as platters up to 10-12 guests

- a luxury Leopard cat 4600 - we can offer corporate receptions with catering, small weddings and fine service for private groups up to 12 (more standardized quality buffet style dining)

- classic Lancer 40 dining for 2 (our basic option - weekdays - only with a short notice - if extra cheff is available ) - Coconut Grove 

Pls review the description and email us for more details if private charters is what you are looking for 

CONTACT US - email preferred 

PHONE  : (786) 423 3131


Due to extensive amount of preparations for any quality dinner sail - reservations require ADVANCED booking to schedule the crew ( captain and mate/cheff) and purchase QUALITY ingredients for individual trip (it takes min 3 hrs to provision for each dinner sail plus yacht preparation) as your meal is freshly prepared aboard.

“No dinner” sail option is also available - please see DAY SAILS

Upon crew availability 24 h notice is a minimum  - but pls note that the crew and  cheff is not on standby 24/7 - we are professional people with personal lives - that would be very thankful for an advanced notice - so we can plan and prepare BEST to provide you with an ULTIMATE service.

>>>> see MENUS on the bottom of this page

Private boat dining Miami

Private dinner cruise Miami

Thank you for your interest in our PRIVATE DINNER cruises in Miami.  We offer a luxury dining aboard sailing yachts with quality menu and dining set up.  Our dinners are not typical "boat meals" nor pre-prepared microwaved foods, our cooking is from fresh and quality (organic when possible) ingredients.  Most of our provisions are purchased in quality stores, such as The Fresh Market and The Whole Foods.

Private Sunset Dinner Cruise in Miami

Private Charter means the whole yacht and crew is exclusively for your enjoyment.  You will be the only couple/group taken care of and the dinner will be prepared freshly aboard only for you - wdo not offer commercial / public boat dinner cruises nor shared with other couples. 

This luxury trip is just for you.

PICTURES   PICTURES from dinner sails here.

Private dinner for 2 person Miami

We can cater to private and corporate groups on sailing monohulls and multihulls 



PHONE  : (786) 423 3131



Private Dinner Boat Cruise Miami  IMG 0796 copy

Most of our dining sails take place on Beneteau 461 ( LEFT) as luxury option that can sit by cockpit table 4 guests (luxury "Wind Runner" PICTURES) or 6-12  Leopard 4600.

Some of our dinner sails ( when extra cheff is available)  take place on our mother vessel - "Como Tu (BELOW) that comfortably sits by table 2 guests .

Private Dinner on a boat for four IMG 0605

Our Dinner Charters require min. 24 hr prior reservation (the earlier the better) - no last minute offers available (however you could still call us early in the morning for the evening charter - if crew available) - as the provisions have to be purchased and certain foods prepared. If you want to book us during the weekend (which is usually booked in advance) - reserve us ahead.

Final rate depends on charter duration: 1/2 day (4.5 hr) or 6 hr / charter rates are not per person - but per trip (pls contact us for rates) and your menu selection and number of guests 

We prepare for each charter - and many arrangements have to be made additionally - so please reserve us ahead of time - to give us enough time to provisions quality ingredients.

Romantic dinner cruise Miami

CONTACT us for rates directly 

(no flat rates on line as all our private sails are fully customized)
PHONE  : (786) 423 3131


Private Dinner Tours Miami

Romantic sunset cruises from Miami

check SUNSET  time in Miami LINK 

Private DInner Cruise Miami

check MOONRISE and moonset time in Miami (zip 33130) LINK

Night dinner cruise Miami

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----> OUR MENU 

- or tell us your preferences - request current menu option by e-mail - MiamiSailing.net@gmail.com 

- please email for current offer and current food rates (as they may change) 

>  our meals are freshly prepared  (not pre-made, not microwaved) - made from scratch (not package: exception pasta and ravioli) using QUALITY fresh premium, organic (when available) ingredients. Local Fish is purchased fresh caught before the charter from premium suppliers.

>> we do not use microwave to make/heat up the food

>>> BYOB - feel free to bring a bottle of wine for dinner ( we provide non alcoholic beverages)

>>>> dinner on Wind Runner includes Premium Cappucino (organic milk) or tea & dessert (choose same for the whole group): Key Lime Pie or Cheese Cake  or leave your choice to us :-) (other choices available  eg Tiramisu, Tuxedo triple layer or other quality bar cakes etc (some subst. $5-10),  special requests for B-day cakes - from $35

>>>>> our menu are fully customized - please let us know your favorites 

>>>>>> We can also offer 3-4 course packages - request sample menu 

STARTERS (as First Course with dinner only) rate - depending on size and selection

Fresh Green Leaf Salad with fresh fruit garnish

Caprese Salad (Fresh Mozzarella with tomato and fresh basil) 

Prosciutto de Parma with Cantaloupe or Goat Cheese

Bruschetta: 1. Traditional (tomato and basil) or salsa    2. Smoked Salmon with Crème fraîche and capers (special request for caviar $$$)   3. Caprese (Mozzarella and Tomato)

APPETIZERS / PLATTERS (see bottom of the page for more), e.g.: 

Cheese and Fruit Platter (House Premium Selection or per request American) fruit and crackers, 

Meat Platter (Premium Cold Cuts Selection - (depending on size and selection) - good for appetizer or lunch - good for sandwiches  

Antipasto Platter - cold cuts / cheeses with olives etc 

Vegetable Tray with veggie dip - depending on vegetable selection/size 

Fresh Fruit Platter - depending on fruit selection 


Dinner course (except pasta dishes) is accompanied by rice & asparagus or rice & broccoli.  If you prefer different vegetable sides, please choose same side veggies for both of you. Substitutes $0-$5-$10 additional depending on choices. 

Dessert (Key Lime Pie or Cheese Cake - same for both) and Captain's famous Cuban cappuccino are included. Other desserts available $$$ including B-day cakes


Let us know what you like 

1. basic options come with rice and asparagus

2. upgrades : garlic roasted potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, yams=sweet potato, cous cous, quinoa, barley, brown rice (French fries not available) (sauce counts as one side)

3. Other: mixed vegetables (broccoli/cauliflower or broccoli/cauliflower/baby carrots), snow peas, sautéed baby spinach, sautéed baby arugula, broccoli, sauteed broccoli rabe (upon availability), zucchini, squash, eggplant, sauteed baby bella mushrooms or white mushrooms, Portabella mushrooms, sauteed red, yellow, green peppers

MENU   (*Premium menu) - rates for two guests (inquire if more guests).  Pls request updated rates by e-mail:

some dishes my not be available on certain days ( available menu will be provide by e-mail) 

- STEAKS (Filet Mignon*, Skirt, Sirloin, Ribeye*, Strip, Flank ) - marinated in our special sour orange marinade or BBQ sauce (mushroom sauce counts as one side) - from 

FISH (your choice of local or imported premium* fish):      Tilapia,   Cod Fish, Grouper*,   Mahi-Mahi*,   Wild Snapper*,   Salmon,   Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna**,   Chilean Sea Bass**,      or let us know any fish you like ... we purchase fresh fish only - just before the charter in Local Fish Market (local fish) or Fresh Market/Wholefoods - seasoned in olive oil or in a sauce (dill, cream, smoked salmon, mushroom, etc) or tropical way - Fish is Agata's speciality 

LOCAL FISH - fresh local fish (purchased just before the charter from local fisheries ): Snapper, Grouper, Mahi Mahi $160 for two (this rate also included provisioning /driving)

- PREMIUM MENU - Florida LOBSTER TAIL(s) over vegetables - rate depends on lobster size (pls specify size)  ( small or large Lobster Tail) seasonal   

- PREMUM COMBO PLATES  Filet Mignon &  FL Lobster Tail - COMBO (min. 2 orders), Filet Mignon &  Premium Fish (Chilean Sea Bass , Tuna)(min. 2 orders), Lobster Tails and Chilean Sea bass

CHICKEN Breast or tender Chicken Thighs Milanese  (rate for two with dessert), 

- CHICKEN in Almond Butter sauce and nuts 

- Salmon Roll up with Crab Meat 

Premium Pasta Dishes - Agata's speciality - same pasta for the whole group (max 2 - some 4)

1. Rigatone in creamy SMOKED SALMON sauce   and piece of SALMON - Agata's favourite .... 

2. Pasta (your choice) with home made MEATBALLS (Agata's family recipe) and tomato sauce OR homemade BOLOGNESE sauce (homemade sauce - not from jar)

3. see more pastas below

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 - pls request current selection and rates as they may have changed

Party Platters - Premium Quality (rate depends on number of guests and selection) - rates for platters (not charter)

Cheese Platter with fresh fruit and crackers or   Premium European Selection for two, $ - Medium, $- large (5-6 guests) - we prepare it aboard

Meat (Antipasto) Platter Gourmet Wrap Sandwich Platter - from $- ordered

Mediterranean Platter

Classic Collection Meat & Cheese 

Fresh Fruit Platter

Crudites w/ Creamy Dip - from $

(you can also order platters in the local store and bring aboard) - pls apprecite the crew for extra service they do on any charter with catering 


you are welcome to bring your own food - no charge for cold snacks/ ready to eat food , if cooking involved  (BBQ, dinner course service - same rate as for dine will full crew fees - pls appreciate the crew for this extra service

For birthday charters we can also provide B-day cakes and special desserts - let us know ahead ($25+) or bring your own.

Unfortunately, our insurance policy does not allow us to purchase alcoholic beverages for you - so please BYOB - bottle of wine or champagne is fine, you can also bring your cooler aboard

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> Romantic Lunch or Dinner Charter with APPETIZER or Light Dish (min. 4 hrs) for two (we can cater for up to six guests).

- European Cheese Platter with crackers and fruit -  variety of cheeses: Brie, Chèvre, Blue Cheese, and European hard cheeses (Monchego, Gouda) with seasonal fruit (strawberries or grapes) and crackers - custom prepared 

- Appetizer Platters


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Our Dinner Charter ITINERARY

Dinner in No Name Harbor of Cape Florida - 6 hr sunset charter on a weekday - departing from SOuth Beach by 2-3 PM , we sail towards Biscayne Bay with amazing views of the city, Key Biscayne, Vizcaya Palace and Coconut Grove. The dinner is served by the famous sand bar by Nixon Cove ( by Key Biscayne Millionerres Row). Or we can continue sailing Biscayne Bay to Cape Florida (Bill Baggs State Park) where you can go ashore for a romantic stroll in the park - dinner is served aboard in No Name Harbor. With sun setting down, we sail back to Downtown Miami with one of the most amazing view on cityline by night. 

- 4 hr itinerary may include dinner in secluded bay of Virginia Key with amazing view on Downtown

>> SAILING PICNIC IN MIAMI - our half day itinerary includes sailing and picnicking. We can anchor in a secluded bay by Virginia Key with spectacular views of the City or   by Key Biscayne mansions and famous sandbar. You are welcome to bring your own food or we can arrange catering for you: from cheese or fruit or vegetable platters to gourmet made sandwiches and wraps. Recommended 6 hr SPECIAL so have time to enjoy some other activities including swimming and snorkeling. Sailing Picnic in No Name Harbor of Bill Baggs State Park with truly Caribbean spirit - min. 6 hr charter (full day recommended).

>>>PREMIUM OFFER - sunset sail (4h) with Premium Cheese Plate and French Champagne on Beneteau 461 

romantic dining ideas in miami florida xscatering_on_board_xs_textmediumPicture of European cheeses xs

CORPORATE charter with light meal or catering tray:

THE FRESH MARKET party platters & trays 

such as : Cheese / fruit platter , Veggie platter, Antipasto and many more

catering on board s

Couples Sunset sails in Miami Beach Florida

Thank you for visiting MiamiSailing.net!   We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. 
For Information and Reservations call us at 786.423.3131 or e-mail:  MiamiSailing.net@gmail.com 
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